Thursday, 14 May 2015

Good Leaders

Good Leaders

The election seems like a long time ago now – the euphoria and disappointment are wearing off for the victors and the defeated. A new government is in place and two political parties are looking for leaders.
Who will they choose?
What criteria will they use to select their leaders?
Will they be handsome?
Will they be rich?
Will they be eloquent?
Will they be entertaining?
Or… will they be stern and severe; states(wo)manlike and steady?
What makes a good leader?
Here’s one for you: George Lansbury. He was leader of the Labour Party in the early 1930s. He was a great man.

 “George Lansbury led the Labour Party in the crisis years of the early 1930s. Throughout that time, he campaigned with passionate sincerity for a just society as he had done for many years before, as Poor Law Guardian, rebel councillor, socialist preacher, journalist, editor of the Daily Herald and MP. He was a working man, and he spoke his message of social justice in words that ordinary people could understand. He sought practical ways to relieve poverty. To the end of his days, he lived modestly in the East End of London, and his home was open to his neighbours and constituents.”
Bob Holman

Every day, George Lansbury walked to Westminster from his home in Bow. As he walked along he talked with his constituents and listened to their problems and he did what he could to help.

I would like a leader like ‘Good Old George', someone who walks amongst the people and genuinely listens to what is happening on the roads, streets, avenues, lanes and crescents of our nation.

Sometimes we need to look to the past to find a guide for the future.

‘Good Old George’ by Bob Holman, Lion Publishing PLC

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