A Writer's Space

A  Writer’s Space

Establish a special room or area where you can write without interruptions or distractions.
Most of us don’t have the luxury of spare rooms but we might find a quiet corner in the house.

Here’s the writing space of one writer.
 It’s in her family’s front room and she works here during the day.
She closes the door and ignores all other noises in the house.
On the desk are her notebooks, reference books, fountain pen and a lamp.
There’s also a computer which is sometimes her friend but often her enemy.
It solves problems but it also causes them.
In the cupboard under her desk are manuscripts of her work;
Second, third, fourth and fifth drafts.
There’s no phone, no drink, no food.
This is a writing desk; a working space.
In the evening, this is a family room.

Her space is gone until the next working day.