Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Warmth

It's really hard keeping warm when you are writing on these cold, frosty mornings. Sometimes I am so distracted by the cold that I look for excuses not to work… taking photographs of frost on the solar panels, for instance.

Maybe... it's best to wrap up warm, put on your boots and, like Charles Dickens, walk.

“The atmosphere at Tavistock House was grim for everyone, and… unable to bear it, he walked from there to Gad’s Hill, a good thirty miles.” (Page 45)

Charles Dickens, A Life, by Claire Tomalin, Viking, 2011.

Walking really helps you to think and provides inspiration. It also keeps you warm on a cold and frosty morning

Another alternative is to take your notebook and pen and visit a local café, library or leisure centre. There are lots of public places to keep warm and keep writing in the depths of winter.

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