Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Hungarian Pastry Shop

It's a few weeks since our flight home from the United States and I'm looking back at the wonderful times we had in Salem, Virginia; Washington and New York. One of my highlights was the Hungarian Pastry Shop,  opposite the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam Ave. where we stopped on our way out to Harlem.

This was one of the best cafes I have ever visited: the cakes were delicious; the staff were friendly and welcoming and the place was full to bursting with... writers. A writer was sitting at almost every table - either on their laptops or writing notes in thick journals. On one wall was a display of book and theses covers of works that had actually been written in the Hungarian Pastry Shop. What a wonderful place!

Thanks to the Hungarian Pastry Shop for your hospitality and welcome. I've sent you a copy of Gambledad for you to read and enjoy and if there are any film producers or directors there wanting to turn my story into a film... well, take your time and enjoy the refreshing coffee and delightful cakes at the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

Then you can contact me.

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Joanne said...

How fun. I love NYC, but it's a tad far from Texas. I love a good cake too, so this place is now on my list. And writing - hope your book becomes a movie or a Broadway play!